Phantom’s eco tip: Make your pool a chemical-free zone

Bubble barrel

By installing an ozone generator into your pool, you’ll not only enjoy the many health benefits that come from doing so, but you’ll also be doing our planet a favour by switching to this more environmentally friendly method of keeping your pool water clean and healthy. It is many times more effective in getting rid of bacteria and viruses than chlorine, and easily maintains clean water without the need for chemicals. Ozone treatment is virtually maintenance free, so now all those hours you spent trying to coax your pool back from murkiness can be spent languishing in its clear blue water instead.


  • Filtration support. Ozone assists flocculation of organic waste materials, thus enhancing the effectiveness of sand filters.
  • Water purification. Ozone directly decomposes organic waste by oxidation.
  • Water sanitation. Properly dissolved ozone residual of 0.05 or higher assures 100% kill of all bacteria, viruses and fungus.
  • Water oxygenation. Unused ozone slowly decomposes to normal oxygen and remains dissolved in the water to the point of saturation. This makes the pool water clean, sparkling and appealing.
  • It leaves no toxic residues in the treated water.
  • Ozone is produced on site and does not require storage or transportation.
  • Ozone prevents calcium carbonate scaling, removes existing scale, cleans and prevents greasy sediments on the sides of the pool. Ozone treated waters have a much lower cleaning cost.
  • Ozone has become known as a major health benefit to swimming pool users, and is being used by countless hospitals and rehabilitation centres. Today’s technology does not require chlorine, except as a backup in case of maintenance or power blackout.
  • Ozone generators provide all the necessary ozonation power to purify, oxygenate and sanitise swimming pools, Jacuzzis, ponds, water-works, and dams.

We’ve installed an ozone generator in our Bubble Pool, and guests rave about the clean, fresh smell of the water.

The Phantom Forest Team

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