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How can a treatment be both relaxing and refreshing, read on!

This special treatment starts with a stimulating foot-brush, Dead Sea salt foot-scrub, and a soothing, moisturising foot-mask. The style of the full body massage that follows is brisk, yet deep – designed to help encourage lymph flow, detoxify, and diminish fluid retention.

To complement this effect we have chosen the essential oil of helichrysum africanum – a silver grey plant of the Asteraceae family, which grows in our Forest. It has an aroma similar to eucalyptus. The plant’s healing properties stem from its high content (50%) of Sesquiterpenes. This terpenes hydrocarbon functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Other properties attributed to this particular terpenes are: as an analgesic, a decongestant, an immune-system booster and a blood pressure regulator.


Esters form a further 40% of helichrysum – these chemicals are responsible for the strong aroma of the plant and have sedative and anti-spasmodic properties, resulting in relaxation and a sense of calm.

The third component – the di-ketones (10%) occur only rarely – helichrysum having the highest known percentage. Tissue-regeneration is the main characteristic of this component. To our carrier oil we add pure, soothing, rejuvenating Aloe Vera, which complements the regenerative effect of the di-ketones.

So stimulating and relaxing, refreshing and calming, and all thanks to our ubiquitous helychrysum plant!

Wide awake, yet utterly relaxed

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