Grilled Yellowtail with roasted butternut and pine nuts, sage butter, green beans and a mustard cream sauce

This step-by-step recipe is easy to prepare, and very impressive to serve…while tantalising the tastebuds!

  • Cube the butternut, and roast with salt, pepper and olive oil at 180⁰C until tender and slightly golden. Lightly toss with herbs – especially chives – and pine nuts.
  • To make the sage butter, pick fresh sage leaves and place in melted butter on medium heat until crisp.
  • For the sauce, reduce leeks, garlic, fish stock and a dash of white wine. Strain, and add to the reduced cream. Add whole-grain mustard to taste, as well as a squeeze of lemon juice.
  • Sear the fish in a hot pan. Add butter, lemon juice, herbs and seasoning.
  • Blanch the beans in boiling water, then toss in the sage butter.

Plate up and enjoy!

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