Phantom’s eco tip: Ten ways to reduce waste

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South African households produce around 15 million tons of waste every year! About 95% of this rubbish ends up in South Africa’s 1200 landfill sites, and these sites are filling up fast. The onus rests on each and every one of us to act responsibly and reduce the waste we generate. The good news is, you’ll save money while being kind to the planet!

Ten ways you can reduce waste:

1. Reduce packaging when shopping. Shop at your local farmers’ market. Not only will you support locally produced food, but you can take along your own packaging. In the supermarket rather opt for products with the least packaging e.g. buy produce in a packet, rather than pre-packed items with polystyrene trays as well as cling-wrap. And don’t forget to take along your own re-useable shopping bags.

2. Avoid food wasteage by shopping to a list. Plan meals ahead of time, don’t over-cater and make sure leftovers aren’t forgotten in the fridge.

3. Compost organic waste like vegetable peels, egg shells and used teabags.

4. Don’t take flyers handed out in malls or at the traffic lights.

5. Get creative with old clothes – find ways to reuse them, or donate them to charity.

6. Buy a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Plastic water bottles account for a huge amount of pollution.

7. Stop using paper towels. Rather use a rag (old facecloth or t-shirt) to mop up kitchen spills.

8. Forget paper serviettes. Rather use fabric serviettes that can be washed and reused.

9. Donate unwanted household goods to charity.

10. Think before you buy. Do you really NEED another black dress/pair of jeans/pair of earrings/nail polish/lipstick…?

If you can think of any others, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

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  1. Home & Decor says:

    Great tips… If we dont take care of the world, no one will.

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