Gardening to repel mosquitoes


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Spring is upon us and so are mosquitoes! Instead of swatting or spraying toxic pesticides, give your garden functional and stunning spring update that will keep these pests at bay.

Start by eliminating possible mosquito breeding grounds in your garden. Mosquitoes breed in standing water so make sure the pool is cleaned regularly and bird bath water changed frequently. Add the following attractive mosquito-repelling plants on your garden:

  • Marigolds
  • Citronella grass
  • Thai lemon grass
  • Garlic

For a sweet spring look, plant sunshine yellow and orange marigolds in window boxes and line flowerbeds with garlic plants. Deter mosquitoes by planting citronella grass and Thai lemon grass around the patio. Both citronella grass and Thai lemon glass can grow up to two metres high helping to shelter a patio, increase privacy and keep those pesky pests away while you and your family enjoy the spring sunshine outdoors.

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