How to create a bee friendly garden

Bee friendly garden

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Bee colonies are in decline due to the use of pesticides. Since bees pollinate many food crops, a world without them would be unthinkable! Fortunately we can all play a role in protecting bees:

Support organic, pesticide-free farming practices – Buy organic food from local markets or start your own organic food garden and save money while promoting bee-friendly, pesticide-free food production.

Invite the bees into your garden – Support bee colonies by providing them with an attractive garden. The more bees visit your garden, the more it will grow since many plants, flowers and vegetables require pollination. Ask the horticulturalist at your local nursery to recommend indigenous plants that entice bees. It’s been reported that gardens with 10 types of plants or more attract the largest number of bees, so make sure your garden includes a variety of plants.

Ensure your garden is pesticide-free – Ask your local nursery for eco-friendly garden products and green solutions for everything from weeds to pests.

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