Salmon style scotch egg with curry sauce

Scotch Eggs Recipe



4 very soft boiled eggs

2 cups mashed potatoes

Chopped herbs of your choice I like parsley and chives

Bread crumbs for coating

Smoked salmon, finely sliced. About a half a cup should be enough

Flour and egg for coating

Curry sauce

One stem of each leek and celery, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

Curry powder or paste to taste

Fresh coriander and spring onion to add at the end of cooking

Cream or plain yoghurt


Fry off leek, celery and garlic.  Add spices till fragrant, then deglaze the pan with cream or yoghurt. Reduce heat and slow cook till thickened. Finish off by adding the chopped herbs and spring onion.

Method for eggs

*Note: It is very important to get this stage right as you want to have a soft yolk when you cut into the scotched eggs.

1. Place eggs in boiling water for one minute, remove and immediately place in cold water. This stops the cooking process, leaving you with a soft boiled egg.

2. Now gently peel the egg without breaking the white or the yolk

3. Mix smoked salmon, herbs, mashed potato and a little beaten egg. Pack this mixture around your soft boiled eggs until totally covered and round. It should be about one cm thick.

4. Coat the eggs with bread crumbs and place in the fridge to set for about ten to twenty minutes.

5. Heat enough oil in a pan or in a deep fryer to cover the eggs.

*Note: the oil should not be too hot (no more than about 160°C) as it will burn the outside of the eggs.

6. Fry the scotch eggs until golden brown.

Serve with sauce and rocket salad. This is a perfect update on a retro favourite. Yum!

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