Daily green checklist

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Some pertinent questions that you would want to not just ask, but answer in name of energy conservation. These are courtesy of www.greenworks.co.za.

You can stick these anywhere where you as a daily reminder of what you can do to take a step in the green direction.

  • Are all the taps turned off? Do I turn the tap off while brushing my teeth?
  • Do I have a timer on the geyser? Is the geyser turned off whenever, I go away?
  • Is the washing machine/dishwasher full before running it?
  • Are the plugs off? Do I unplug appliances when I’m finished using them – TV, computer, cellphone charger, kettle, toaster, etc.?
  • Are the lights off? Do I switch them off when I leave a room? Have I changed all my light bulbs to energy efficient ones?
  • Can I re-use/repurpose it? Do I think twice before throwing any item away?
  • Do I separate the recyclable materials “glass, plastic, metal and paper” from the rest of the waste?
  • Do I think about the amount of food and other waste I dispose of daily?
  • Do I think about the amount of electricity and water I use daily?
  • Do I have my reusable shopping bags?
  • Do I think about the impact my actions have on our environment and on the earth?

We all can do our bit in conserving our environment. Share this information with friends and family and help save our planet.


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