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Leave a lighter footprint

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Tread carefully, and leave a lighter carbon footprint by following these simple steps:

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Back to basics – The benefits of massage

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To massage or touch with the intention of relieving pain is an instinct basic to human nature. If it hurts, you rub … Continue reading

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Phantom Forest-style gazpacho soup


With the heat wave continuing, I have rekindled my love for this classic and refreshing soup. I strain mine, which gives it a beautiful consommé-like appearance. … Continue reading

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Eco-friendly tips for cooking on a gas hob

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When cooking, ensure that the size of the saucepan or pot matches the size of the hob ring you are using. This applies … Continue reading

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5 tips for eco friendly living

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Being environmentally aware should not take too much effort. Follow these five simple rules, and you can make a difference:

    Refuse what you do not need.
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