What is Global Warming?

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The earth as an ecosystem is changing, attributable in great part to the effects of globalisation and man. More carbon dioxide is now in the atmosphere than has been present in the past 650,000 years. This carbon remains in the atmosphere, acting like a warm blanket which holds in the heat  — hence the name ‘global warming.’

The reason we are able to exist on this planet is because the earth naturally traps just enough heat in the atmosphere to keep the temperature within a very narrow range – this creates the conditions that give us breathable air, clean water, and the weather we depend on to survive. Human beings have begun to tip that balance. We’ve overloaded the atmosphere with heat-trapping gasses from our cars, factories and power plants.

If we don’t start correcting the problem now, we are in for devastating changes to our environment. We will experience extreme temperatures, rises in sea levels, and storms of unimaginable destructive fury. Recently, alarming events that are consistent with scientific predictions about the effects of climate change have become more and more commonplace.

The change begins with you!

This week’s blog is courtesy of stopglobalwarming.org

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