Basic tips for a youthful skin!

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Over time women become more and more demanding on themselves. Once it was sufficient to hide wrinkles with make up, but today we want more. Glossy magazines serve up daily photos of beautiful ‘forties’ and ‘fifties’ with enviable skin – blemish free and as clear and bright as a twenty year old’s. It’s easy to be fooled and feel despondent, but remember it’s probably some deft airbrushing with a little bit of surgery here and there that yields these results.

Without resorting to more extreme measures, how can you make the most of your skin? One proven key to young, smooth and glowing skin starts with diligent cleansing. This must be done every night and morning. Yes, use your cleansing milk and tonic even in the morning as this will help to clear dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe. It will also minimise the damage caused when pores become enlarged and stretched due to the presence of impurities. After cleansing your face deeply, use a mask twice a week and  make small massage movements away from the centre of the face lifting the skin and activating the micro-circulation. Using an exfoliating cleanser at least one a week will also give great results.

During the cold season, be sure to use an extra hydrating moisturiser. Your skin is twice as likely to become dry during cold weather. During summer head for the antioxidant moisturisers which protect your skin from the sun up to eight times more than regular creams. To relax expression lines on the face, use creams containing botox and substances with lifting action.

Cut down on salt and drink plenty of water – this should be your motto! This may help to eliminate the accumulation of fluid overnight, reducing bags and puffiness around the eyes.

Although the formula for eternal youth has not yet been invented, using a light-reflecting make up can help to create a fresh and youthful face.

So make the most of what you have… naturally!

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