Save electricity without spending a cent

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With the cold days of winter ahead of us, our electricity consumption is bound to escalate. There are, however, ways we can keep our electricity usage under control.

Follow these tips and save your electricity (and your rands!)

  • Switch off lights and appliance plug points when you don’t need them. Electrical appliances draw an electrical current even when they’re not in use
  • Avoid the hot water tap and rather wash your hands in cold water
  • When showering, turn off the taps while washing your hair and soaping your body. Do the same when you are brushing your teeth
  • Turn your geyser thermostat down
  • Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. As much as 85% of the energy used to wash clothes goes towards heating the water

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3 Responses to Save electricity without spending a cent

  1. Great post! I manage to save electricity on my business by implementing solar power panels.

  2. Home & Decor says:

    I recently installed an automatic geyser switch to save electricity… so far so good! 70% saving!

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