Create a tree-free home

Knysna forest

Trees are essential to life for many reasons, but the most important one is that they provide us with oxygen. They also help to reduce noise pollution, improve water quality, help prevent soil erosion, provide food and building materials, create shade, and make our landscapes look beautiful. Conservation of trees is therefor very important for the environment. Here are some ways you can create a ‘tree-free home’, i.e. by cutting down on the use of products that use wood:

  • Replace paper serviettes with cloth napkins
  • Replace the use of paper towels with a special set of cloth towels/napkins (or cut up old t-shirts for great towels). Store the used ones in a small container in your kitchen and just wash and reuse
  • Purchase bleach-free toilet paper that is made from the highest post-consumer waste content you can find (80% minimum)
  • If you print documents, print on once-used paper and/or bleach-free, recycled paper with the highest post-consumer waste content available
  • Switch to a digital organiser for tracking your to-do and grocery lists
  • Reuse envelopes, wrapping paper, the front of gift cards (as postcards) and other paper materials you receive wherever possible
  • Read books, magazines, and newspapers from your local library or online (many have email newsletters). Recycle those you do buy
  • Create and use note pads from once-used paper
  • Leave messages for family members/roommates on a erasable message board
  • Make your own cards/letters from once-used products or handmade paper, or buy at thrift stores

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