Go green this Mother’s Day

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This Mother’s Day why not give a gift that gives back to the planet? Choose a gift that will be kind to the environment and one that your mom will love. Here are some fabulous ideas:

  • Buy mom gifts she can reuse. If your mom’s interested in reducing waste, think about making her daily routines easier and more eco-friendly with gifts she can use and reuse over and over. Reusable grocery bags cut down on waste and hold more groceries than plastic bags, and reusable coffee mugs and water bottles keep disposable waste out of the landfills.
  • Choose organic options this year. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest holidays for giving flowers. Treat your mom this year with a bouquet of organic flowers grown without chemicals and pesticides. A box of organic, vegan chocolates or cupcakes is perfect for the mom with a sweet tooth. For the busy mom who juggles work and family, a gift basket loaded with organic spa products not only gives her everything she needs to pamper herself, but it’s also a much greener alternative to most bath products.
  • Make a charitable donation. Why not make a charitable donation in her name for Mother’s Day this year? The non-profit environmental and wildlife charities that work to preserve and protect nature are always in need of donations.
  • Make her handmade gifts. Search your closet or local second-hand store for items you can up-cycle into the perfect gift for mom. Bake some vegan cookies or knit her a scarf using eco-friendly or recycled yarn.
  • Choose something you can do together. An eco-conscious mom will know that some of the best and most earth-friendly gifts aren’t material things. She’s bound to love any gift that lets you spend time together, like tickets to the theatre, an art exhibition or visiting your local botanical garden. While you’re enjoying time together, you’re also helping to save the planet.

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