Italian use of essential oils

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It is my good fortune to be spending a few months in Italy! Apart from delighting in the food, architecture, scenery and sun I have found it encouraging to discover how many people are ‘tuned in’ to the use of natural remedies and massage for good health. L’Herboristes (herbalists) are found even in small villages, and massage is the first course of treatment recommended by physicians for injuries. There is also an acute awareness in Italy of the effects of toxins on health.

What is Italy without recipes? I came across a few Italian recipes for using essential oils in the home, and thought I would share them with you.

Italian Mood Spray

1 tsp geranium oil

1 tsp bergamot oil

1 tsp lavender oil

50 drops cinnamon oil

20 drops clove oil

Mix together in a 30ml bottle and shake well.

Then in a labeled spray bottle, add 1-2 teaspoons of the oil blend, 50ml vodka or brandy and 1 cup of distilled water. Shake well before use.

Italian wood and window wash

1 tsp bergamot oil

½ tsp lavender oil

20 drops mandarin oil

20 drops cedar oil

20 drops sandalwood oil

Place all the oils in a dark glass bottle and blend well.

Leave for five days before use, to allow the oils to infuse. Store this in a dark place and use neat for applying to woodwork, and diluted for cleaning windows.

And to polish…

Try olive oil and lemon juice – ¼cup of each and a few drops of lemon  essential oil.

A natural bathroom protector

1½ tsp lemon oil

1 tsp bergamot oil

1tsp pine oil

½tsp citronella oil

½tsp thyme oil

½tsp tea tree oil

Place in a 30ml glass bottle and shake well. Again, wait five days before using.

Take a little time and you will be able to get used to life without detergents and harsh chemical cleaners. Remember there are always alternatives to everything we use!




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