Getting a good night’s sleep

Clutter-free surroundings and a comfortable bed, ensure a good night’s rest

Here at Phantom Forest we know that a good massage does wonders for helping you torelax. You might sleep like a baby after your massage at our Body Boma, but how do you make sure you get a good night’s sleep when you leave our ‘forest haven’ and return to the ‘daily grind’?

Here are  a few tips:

Look at your bedroom. Keep it calm and clutter free. Avoid, or at least reduce the number of electronic devises in your sleeping area. Computers and televisions can disturb you, even when they’re on standby. While it may seem obvious, a comfortable bed is a must. Lack of support from a mattress leads to poor sleeping posture, and can prevent you from getting a refreshing night’s rest.

Think about your lifestyle. Do you use your laptop or smartphone in bed? Do you finish a glass of wine right before you go to sleep? Do you feel cold during the night? There are simple ways to adjust your daily routine, to make it easier for you to wind down. Try retiring to your bed without any devices, with a glass of water, and a pair of snug socks to keep your feet warm. Above all, it is recommended that you keep a bedtime “ritual” which prepares you for a restful night.

Try to reduce stress and worry. Everyone knows that feeling stressed or anxious prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. While it may not be possible to reduce the stress factors entirely, it is possible to reduce their impact through various relaxation techniques. One simple technique would be to put your hand on your heart, quietly listen to your heart beating and softly and slowly stroke your sternum (breastbone) with a downward movement. Breathe in for three or four seconds, then breathe out for three or four seconds. This will help slow your heart rate, and as a result calm your mind, so you can drift off.

Watch your diet. Eating a healthy diet is important for all aspects of life, including sleep! While it may be obvious that it’s best to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and cigarettes, you should also try to avoid sedatives such as sleeping pills and alcohol, as their effects are usually short-term and sustained use can lead to dependency. A magnesium supplement taken at bed time can help relax muscles and promote deeper sustained sleep, with no side-effects.

Do some exercise! Regular exercise boosts your circulation, helping to reduce stress and keep your body in balance. It also helps to lower body temperature, which induces better sleep. The trick is to not overdo it. Wearing yourself out physically will not necessarily induce sleepiness, instead it can be counter productive and lead to wakefulness and alertness while trying to sleep.

Be aware of your hormones. Changes in your hormone levels can cause sleep disturbances. Bear in mind that your hormone levels are also likely to fluctuate due to stress.

Not just one, but a combination of these tips could make for a good night’s sleep. Eat well, exercise regularly, and try to make time for yourself – without any gadgets in sight! Oh, and remember to book in for your favourite massage on your next visit to Phantom Forest — it’s not just indulgence, it’s good for you!

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