Coconut rice pudding with rose syrup and basil berry compote

Okay, so as you can see I am having insane amounts of fun with ‘foody’ faces in the kitchen this month. It’s my new favourite thing.

This warm coconut rice pudding is a fantastic dish to do for a party, as it can be made in advance and heated and plated just before serving. The flavours can also be adapted to your liking. A spicy mix of cinnamon, almond and vanilla works well for a warming winter pick-me-up, and can be served with a citrus compote and a decadent drizzle of dark chocolate.

I used arborio rice (the rice used to make risotto rice). One cup makes about three to four servings. A tin of coconut milk, one tablespoon of sugar, a cup of cream and rose syrup to serve (can be bought at most delis and Indian shops).

I infused my berry compote with fresh basil; mint or thyme also work well.

For compote, heat basil in light sugar syrup, add berries and simmer till thickened. To serve warm, just reheat.

For the pudding, add half cream and coconut milk to rice with sugar. Cover with plastic wrap and heat in a microwave for five minutes. Take out and stir, then add more liquid – your cream and coconut milk – and repeat process till rice is cooked but not mushy. You can also add water to loosen the pudding. It takes about twenty minutes in total, but please note that you need to keep on stirring and adding liquid, as when the rice cooks it will absorb the liquid and swell, check the sweetness. A squeeze of lime or lemon helps to balance out the sweetness if it’s too sweet.

Reheat when ready to serve. You can serve a shortbread biscuit for an added element of texture.


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