10 Practical Ways to Repurpose Vodka

If you’ve ever had a party or gathering you probably had alcohol, vodka in particular, left over. We’re always looking for new and economical ways to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle and that often means repurposing. Repurposing is finding an alternative use for something you already have on hand so that it is once again useful and stays out of a landfill.

1. Clean eyeglasses: Wipe your glasses with a soft cloth soaked in vodka. The vodka will not only clean your glasses, but kill any bacteria on them.

2. Poison ivy treatment: If you pour vodka on the affected areas it helps to wash away the poison oil, which causes the itching.

3. Stain remover: dip a clean cloth in vodka and use to blot the stain out, rinse with water and then launder as usual. This will help remove lipstick and grass stains. Be careful and always test any stain remover on your fabric first to ensure it won’t damage the garment.

4. Freshen laundry: if you’re travelling or are unable to wash cloths that are otherwise clean, but smell musty, vodka is the solution. Put vodka in a spray bottle and do an out of the way test patch first on your garment. If the fabric isn’t damaged by the vodka, spritz the entire garment with it and it’ll smell fresh it in no time. Also, this is a chemical free version of store bought fabric freshener.

5. Healthy hair: Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo to have healthy and shiny hair.

6. Get rid of shower mould and mildew: fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka and spray onto the affected area, let stand for 15 minutes. Scrub away with an old toothbrush.

7. Get your fixtures shining: to get your chrome, glass and porcelain fixture shining, wipe them with a soft cloth soaked with vodka. It will take a little work on your part, but the shine will be restored to your household fixtures.

8. Preserve flowers: everyone knows to add a teaspoon of sugar to the water you keep cut flowers in. However, to really keep your blooms perky you’ll want to add a few drops of vodka along with the sugar. You should change this mixture out daily, but it will keep your bouquet fresh.

9. Adhesive Remover: If you have a stubborn sticker or price tag on an item, vodka can help remove the problem. Soak a clean cloth in vodka and rub over the sticker; the vodka will help dissolve the adhesive.

10. Insect repellent: Put vodka in a spray bottle and spray on your skin to avoid getting bitten. As with any home remedy do a test patch on your skin first.

This list can be used as a starting point because once you begin to repurpose everyday items you’ll see that your options are virtually endless.

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