Christmas Treats! Strawberry Santas!

I love these little playful treats. Use them as an element on your Christmas dessert or serve them as part of a festive cheese board.

You will need……

• One large punnet strawberries.

• One tub cream cheese and some crème fraise or mascarpone cheese.

• Icing sugar to taste – about one table spoon.

• Vanilla paste or one scraped vanilla pod. (you can also use half a teaspoon vanilla          powder)

• Black sesame seeds

• Edible glitter.


• Mix the above ingredients together until creamy (except the sesame seeds and edible glitter) and place in a piping bag.

• Wash strawberries and trim off the green tip. This will be the base/ bottom of your Father Christmas.

• Cut the tip of the strawberry and keep as this is the “hat”.

• Gently hollow out the inside of the strawberry so that you can fill it with your cream cheese mixture.

• Fill the center of the strawberry, place hat on top and use the black sesame seeds for the eyes. Decorate with edible glitter.





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