Phantom’s eco tip: Choose free-range chicken eggs

Today’s eco tip comes from Daily Eco Tips, and they suggest eating only free-range chicken eggs.

You’ve probably heard that free-range chickens are kept in much better conditions than battery or closed-range farmed hens. However, did you know that eggs produced by free-range chickens are actually much healthier too?

According to Mother Earth News, free-range eggs contain:

  • 33% less cholesterol
  • 25% less saturated fat
  • 66% more Vitamin A
  • Two times more Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Three times more Vitamin E
  • Seven times more Beta Carotene

The reason why there’s such a difference with free-range eggs is unclear, although it’s more than likely due to the chickens being less stressed as they enjoy greater freedom than their battery and closed-range counterparts.

Mother Earth News goes on to say that real “free range” or “grass fed” eggs come from birds that run around outside, in sunshine and on fresh grass; have room to move around, flap their wings and get exercise; eat a diverse diet of grasses, weeds, bugs, seeds, etc.; and behave naturally.

If nothing else, it’s certainly food for thought!

The Phantom Forest Team

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