The many benefits of parsley

A common little plant found in most households, parsley is one of the most nutritional herbs around. It provides our bodies with vitamins A and C, the vital vitamins B2, B1 and B3 (niacin), as well as calcium and iron, making it almost crucial to consume as frequently as possible.

As little as two tablespoons of chopped parsley per day will assist your body in staying healthy and functioning optimally. It will also raise and maintain your energy levels.

Parsley can also be used for congestion, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, kidney stones, and urine retention. The root and leaves are excellent for the liver and spleen, and serve as a reliable diuretic remedy. The plant’s root and seeds contain ingredients that help relieve and relax stiff joints.

Note: It is best to avoid large amounts of parsley if you are pregnant, especially the use of the volatile essential oil.

Growing tips

Place your plant in full sun and make sure to keep the soil moist but not wet. Cut the leaves from the bottom, close to the stem. If you cut out the seeds from the top of the plant it will keep growing, lovely and lush, for up to two years.

In the kitchen

Parsley has a light scent and fresh taste, which means it can be used in anything from soups to sauces to vegetables. In Middle Eastern cuisine, parsley is the one of the main ingredients in dishes such as tabbouleh – a salad using bulgur, mint, parsley and vegetables, and is the main herb used in stuffing for grape leaves. As a garnish, parsley can be chopped and sprinkled in soups, hummus, or mixed with ground meat, such as lamb. Add it to your steak marinate, butter, and use it to give your fish a little extra oomph.

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Happy gardening!

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