Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Stumped as to which of our glorious, relaxing massages to indulge in? The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is more than mere relaxation – it’s therapeutic as well, and the benefits will be felt for a long time after you’ve left the magical forest

Within us all there is a silent system working to keep us healthy. Without it, our bodies would swell up like balloons, swamping our cells with stagnant fluid. The impact of this system is so far reaching that many don’t even realise that minor aches and pains, low energy or susceptibility to colds and flu may in fact be due to its sluggishness. This is the Lymphatic System, and an indication of its significance is that your body contains about 50% more lymphatic fluid than blood.

In all our treatments your therapist will give some attention to your lymphatic system – as a natural compliment to existing health care protocols. However, one of our Classic Massages offers a more concentrated approach – this is the Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

To understand how this treatment works, one needs to know a little about the lymphatic system. In a nutshell, its function is to carry numerous substances such as electrolytes, proteins, hormones, toxins, microscopic detritus and immuno-competent cells to the regional lymph nodes. There this fluid is filtered, purified and concentrated. However, chronic inflammation, lack of physical activity, stress, fatigue, emotional shock and age can contribute to slow circulation and even stagnation of the lymph.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy can facilitate nature by stimulating the natural peristaltic contractions of the two or three layers of muscle located along the lymphatic pathways, known as lymphangions. The effectiveness of the treatment  lies in the therapist’s ability to manually activate the stretch response, significantly increasing the pulsation rate of the lymphangions, and thereby increasing the volume of lymph flow by as much as 30%. As a result of this increased cleansing flow, the body generates more lymphocytes to reinforce the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound yet subtle technique. It is non-invasive and painless, and a light, gentle and pulsing, rhythmic touch is used, which is very relaxing.

The paradox is that such a seemingly superficial technique can have has such a deep impact.

To your good health!



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