Pan-seared Angus Beef fillet with crispy potato “noodles”, asparagus and ricotta salad and a mustard sauce

My new favourite toy in the kitchen is a slicer/cutter called Spira gyra that cuts vegetables into the coolest spirals. I have used it here with potatoes, and then deep fried them to resemble “noodles”.

The asparagus is blanched and then tossed with fresh chopped herbs and crumbled ricotta cheese. For a light dressing, combine 4 cloves of roasted garlic and balsamic reduction, olive oil, fresh herbs and whole grain mustard and a teaspoon of honey.

I pan-seared the beef fillet, but for a dinner party you could roast a whole fillet and then slice it – which is easier for home cooking. Alternatively, you can braai the meat. Just make sure you have a basting sauce so that the fillet does not dry out. I love to use balsamic, as it adds a great sweetness and helps caramelise the meat.

Happy cooking and more importantly, happy eating!

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