Phantom’s eco tip: Winter Energy Savers

As winter starts to settle in, a lot of energy can be used keeping your family and your home comfortable.

Between 40 and 70% of all home energy is wasted, but you could save about half of that by taking energy-saving measures. Heaters and geysers are in the top ten energy-users in the home.

Here are some suggestions on how to maximise heat efficiency in your home this winter:

Cover your air conditioner. If you can’t remove your window unit, cover it both inside and out. Besides protecting the unit, the covers will keep cold air from entering your home from outside.

Seal small spaces and gaps around windows, pipes and wires entering your home – this is where energy wasting draughts that cut the efficiency of your heating system come in.

Let the sunshine in. Open curtains and let the sun heat your home for free during the day, and close them as the sun sets to help insulate your home.

Wrap the geyser with jacket insulation. This is especially valuable for older water heaters with little internal insulation. Geyser insulation can save up to 10 percent on water heating costs.

Increase ceiling insulation. If your ceiling is uninsulated or scantily insulated, consider increasing your insulation. You can save between 5-25 percent on heating costs this way.

Save money and be kind to the planet!

The Phantom Forest Team

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