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Though many companies are already recycling their office paper, here are a few other ways you can cut back on the paper trail you leave at the office:

  • Copy on both sides of the paper. This is especially efficient for internal documents and drafts.
  • Reduce documents to fit two pages onto one. Use for circulating rough drafts or file copies of documents.
  • Use lighter weight paper. Lighter paper requires less energy and fewer raw materials when it’s manufactured.
  • Find alternatives to mail. Use email, voice mail and fax modem transmissions whenever possible.
  • Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions. Cancel newspapers, newsletters and magazines you don’t read or can access online. Take your name off mailing lists to reduce junk mail.
  • Do a “paper” audit. Determine the kind and volume of paper waste your company generates, then take steps to use less.
  • Make recycling easy. Place recycling bins in high-traffic areas, including the conference room and kitchen as well as by the copier and fax machines.
  • Use a routing slip to circulate copies throughout the office.

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