Old books revived

Image by: Freedigitalphotos.net

Every year we start a diary with good intentions of writing down appointments and to-do lists. By the end of the year that diary is simply thrown away, whether it was well-used or not. However we could repurpose old diaries or used note books and save money!

If you have an old diary, an extra one or a used hardcover notebook, turn it into a book you’ll cherish, a photo album with a difference!

  • Start by updating the boring cover. You could cover it with fabric, leftover wrapping paper or create a colourful collage from magazine pictures.
  • Get photos you absolutely love printed and start planning their placement in the book.
  • Using magazine pages, leftover wrapping paper or paint, decorate each page of the book to correspond with the photos you have chosen. You might like to include saved concert ticket stubs, birthday cards or notes you were given to make it that bit more meaningful.
  • Secure your photos with glue and allow each page to dry before closing the book.

You’ll have a personalised and creative photo album unlike any other and a recycled project to be proud of!

This week’s eco tip is courtesy of Monique Warner at All4Women.co.za

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