Cornstarch – an eco-friendly house-helper


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Cornstarch kills cockroaches! Mix equal parts of the starch with plaster of Paris powder. Sprinkle in the corners and cracks, where cockroaches are likely to lurk.

Clean your windows the easy, cheap way with two tablespoons cornstarch, half a cup white vinegar and half a cup of ammonia. Mix together in a trigger bottle and have another one filled with warm water. Spray on the solution and follow it with the warm water. Wipe off with newspaper or any cloth that is lint free. Your windows will sparkle!

Smelly canines – If you haven’t the time to bath the dog but it’s getting a little smelly, sprinkle its hair liberally with cornstarch and rub in well. Brush vigorously and your hound will be good to be near again.

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