Healing Herbs

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Walking in a herb garden on a hot summer’s day and brushing against the foliage as you pass, you can hardly help but be impressed by the amazing, almost heady, powerful aroma of plants – bucchu, rosemary helichrysum, comfrey, thyme, chamomile, lavender and even the lowly chickweed. It is hardly surprising that from ancient times, shamans and medicine men have sought to understand the healing power of plants.

With the real trend to revert to natural healing remedies, there is renewed interest and research into the properties of these wonderful plants. Herbs act as catalysts within the body, and as such help to improve our own natural healing mechanism. Their true value lies is in the fact that when used in the correct dosage, they rarely have side effects and tend to cure rather than simply mask symptoms.

Herbs can calm as well as stimulate, relieve pain, aid digestion, restore consciousness, raise or lower blood pressure, beautify the skin, rejuvenate internal organ functions, relieve spasms, act as an astringent, cure diarrhoea or constipation and heal wounds.

A few leaves steeped in a mug of hot water for ten minutes, strained and then sipped throughout the day is the normal way of benefiting from a herbal infusion.

To help you trace your correct herbal remedy here are a couple of websites you might find helpful:






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