Every day should be ‘Earth Day’

Just as you ought to be kind, considerate and loving to the important people in your life every day, not just on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day etc., so you should be kind to the earth every day too – not just on Earth Day.

Here are some easy-to-implement tips for making this world a better place. If each and every one of us did something to make a difference, it would go a long way to eliminating the environmental issues we are facing.

Set a ‘Green Goal’ every week:

Make an eco friendly lifestyle change each week, such as being more water conscious, switching off the lights when you leave the room, putting off the geyser at night, recycling paper and plastic, resisting the urge to upgrade your cell phone or other electronic gadgets when what you have is good enough, not making unnecessary purchases etc. Try to keep up this practice every day of the year.

Teach your children about going green:

The example you set is as important as your words, and you have a responsibility to educate the future generation about environmental issues. Here are some great tips for teaching your children about ‘being green’ at a young age.

Join an eco-conscious organisation:

Find a group in your community or start your own. There is power in numbers.

Consider carbon offsetting:

Total carbon neutrality is a difficult task. Purchasing carbon offsets is one way to make a carbon neutral lifestyle a reality. Have a look at this website for tips on how offset your carbon footprint.

Set an example:

The best way to encourage others to embrace eco friendly behaviour is by example. If you are promoting green behavior and making eco friendly lifestyle choices, while paying attention to lowering your carbon footprint on a daily basis, you may find you inspire others to do the same.

Thanks to SPi World News for the tips.

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