Toasted oat crusted cream cheese parfait with cinnamon carrot purée and ginger roast figs

Ingredients for the parfait

1 cup cream cheese – softened
Pinch of vanilla seeds
1 cup cream, lightly whipped
2 egg yolks beaten till pale with half cup caster sugar


Fold all of above together until incorporated and smooth, and place in plastic lined mould and freeze until set.

Toast oats with a sprinkling of sugar, and bake until golden brown.

Once parfait has set, cut and roll in toasted oats.

For the figs, add quarter fresh grated ginger and a drizzle of honey, and bake for about ten minutes in a moderate oven.

Carrot puree

Place peeled cut carrots in sugar water and cook until soft; add cinnamon to taste and pass through a sieve.

Serve with biscuit of your choice. I love a nutty shortbread, and enjoy for a different take of a cheese and dessert combination.

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