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We all can change our habits in order to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This doesn’t require much from us, just a slight shift in thinking. Here are some steps you can take to make that gradual change to a green lifestyle:

Buy some canvas bags and use them at the grocery store. Keep them in your car so you don’t forget to bring them. Alternatively, use the plastic grocery bags as trash bags for small cans. Some stores will take bundles of plastic bags for recycling.

Reuse things when they break. Reusing things instead of throwing them away will result in less garbage in landfills and less resource consumption.

Cut up old/stained/holey shirts (or any absorbent material) to use as rags. Use them instead of tissues, paper napkins, paper towels, etc. Put them over bowls of soup in the microwave to prevent splatter, use them to clean up spills, etc. Keep a small bucket in a central location to toss them in once used, and wash them when you have a load.

Start a compost pile or bin. Toss in fruit and vegetable scraps instead of throwing those items in your refuse. This will cut down on the amount of your refuse, along with providing you eventually with some organic material for your garden or landscape plantings.

Don’t take notes in notebooks. Use a three ring binder and take notes on the back of paper that needs to be recycled. Recycle after it has writing on both sides. This will save energy that goes into recycling and slow global warming.

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