Sticky soya glazed quail with yin-yang wasabi mayonnaise and a crunchy Asian salad




I love the look of this dish – it’s a great party dish as all the preparation, slicing and dressing can be done in advance. All you need to do is dress the salad and cook off the quail, which can also be served at room temperature if desired.


A whole quail with the back bone removed. If you prefer, you may buy de-boned quail or use quail breasts. When preparing this meal as a starter, you will need two breast portions or half a quail. However, if it’s for main course, then at least four breast portions should be adequate.

For the soya glaze

2 tablespoon soya source
2 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons sweet chill sauce
One piece of fresh ginger, grated
Chopped coriander
Toasted sesame seeds


Measure out all ingredients. When ready fry the quail, add all ingredients into the pan and turn down the heat. Leave until the quail is coated in syrup. Check seasoning, and adjust according to taste. Remember that soya source is very salty.

For Asian salad

Use a mandolin or grater to prepare:

Red cabbage
Red onion

Add deep fried rice noddles

Dress salad with lime juice and neem oil

Wasabi mayonnaise

I usually make my own. Take a creamy mayonnaise and add some wasabi paste, fresh grated ginger and some roasted garlic with lime zest and juice. Mix together and check seasoning.

Assemble on individual plates or a platter, and enjoy!

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