Five eco-friendly wedding planning tips

Could you imagine a wedding with this view?

Go green and save money for your wedding by following these tips:

  • Take the party outdoors. Choose an outdoor venue like a beach, park or garden, which will require less energy than an indoor venue. Make sure to make it a daytime event not only to capitalise on the beautiful surroundings, but also so that extra lighting won’t be needed.
  • Cut down on transportation. The biggest contributor to air pollution are cars and buses, so reduce emissions by cutting down on travel and make the ceremony and reception in the same place.
  • Use local and organic products. Choose a caterer that supports local farmers and uses organic foods and drinks. Shipping or bringing in items from other provinces or countries requires a lot of fuel. Instead, insist on using fresh, seasonal foods, which also comes with the added perk of supporting local businesses too.
  • Keep it natural. Instead of cut flowers, use live plants and flowers to decorate the wedding. Use potted plants, flowers or trees for a ceremony backdrop or as centerpieces in the reception décor. Create small potted succulents that double as both seating cards and a take home gift.
  • Keep paper goods to a minimum. Rethink invitations and consider an electronic invite instead. If paper invites are a must, use recycled paper and soy inks and try to keep the number of pieces down. Consider just printing the invitation and then direct guests to a free website for all the other wedding information and to RSVP. It reduces waste and saves on both printing and postage.

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  1. Peter says:

    Having been involved in the wedding decorations and photography industry for over 20 years it still amazes me in this day and age how many couples don’t think of their environmental impact of their big day. Finding a wedding planner who understands what sort of an impact a wedding has on the environment and who can tailor the wedding decorations from local suppliers and incorporate that into your wedding decorations is one of the most important parts of organising your wedding.

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